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At Customer First Computing we provide both on-site and in-house computer servicing. Over the past year or so, we have been able to offer "remote" services as well.

Whatever your needs or concerns are, call or email me for further assistance.

Services Agreement

Please read and review the following two documents. Please sign and date the "agreement" form and see that the technician receives that form prior to the commencement of any service work.

Personal Computer Repair Waiver: Release and Indemnity

Hard-Drive and Data Recovery Services

Though I do have some knowledge with regards to hard-drive and data recovery methods, I strongly recommend leaving such services to those that actually know what they are doing.

With this in mind, I heartily recommend 1stDataRecovery. They provide a variety of recovery services for a variety of devices.

1stDataRecovery has locations in Langley, Burnaby, Vancouver and Richmond. Please see their Web site for further information: 1stDataRecovery.